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Individual Customer Arbitration Commision

Our valued individual customer, has made a written application to our organization regarding the dispute you have experienced (which is of an individual nature and therefore does not fall within the scope of commercial activity) arising from the services we provide, within 2 years at the latest from the date of the transaction or action subject to the dispute, and your application must be submitted within 20 days from the date of your application. ; If your application has not been answered, within 60 days from the date of response, if your application has been answered negatively or if you do not find the response sufficient, within 60 days from the date of response. Turkish Payment and Electronic Money Institutions Association (“TÖDEB”) Regulation on the Principles and Procedures of the Individual Customer Arbitration Tribunal (Link). ) you have the right to apply to the TÖDEB Individual Customer Arbitration Committee regarding the issue.


Providing services, providing customer relationship management services, carrying out relevant business processes, managing sales and marketing processes, creating user-specific advertising, sales, marketing, surveys and similar campaigns, cross-selling, determining the target audience, monitoring user movements and improving user experience. carrying out enhancing activities, improving the functioning of the mobile application with the website user panel and personalizing it according to user needs, fulfilling the processes of creating and/or increasing loyalty to the services offered, direct and non-direct marketing, personalized marketing and re-marketing. In order to carry out marketing activities, personalized segmentation, targeting, retargeting, analysis and internal reporting activities, market research, and management of user satisfaction activities; Data enrichment studies can be carried out with contracted business partners, user-specific digital advertising can be carried out by uploading personal data in a masked manner to data management platforms encrypted with the double-layer masking method, and companies' subsidiaries, business partners, suppliers, shareholders and legally authorized public institutions and organizations in accordance with the Law. It can be shared with private institutions.

You can access all detailed information about applying to the TÖDEB Individual Customer Arbitration Committee by clicking here. You can also review the Information Brochure (Link).

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